Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My girl comes home

Yesterday I had a meeting in Edinburgh so left Vespa in the capable hands of Susan, who puppy walks Folly the German Shepherd/Retriever cross, for the day.

Vespa and Folly

At about 11 am I got a text from the Puppy Supervisor to alert me Odi was on the puppy wagon and we arranged to meet at Straiton outside Pets At Home for pick up at 3.30. After the meeting I did a hasty shop and made my way to the meeting point. It was a strange feeling when Odi jumped out of the back of the PS's car and, although she seemed a bit subdued, she greeted me and then jumped into my car as though it was just yesterday I'd dropped her off and not 3 weeks ago.

Once home and told very firmly to leave the toys in Vespa's cage alone, I fed her and she settled back to being at home no problem. I, though, was in bits. It was very emotional for me to have her back and I'm not used to her being subdued. Of course it didn't last, neither my emotional bit nor her being subdued!

A bit of a subdued puppy
Susan brought Vespa back at about 6 and the 2 of them got to know each other and sort out who was going to be top dog (Odi though Vespa was trying hard to assert himself) and after Vespa was fed and I poured myself a glass of wine, we settled into an evening of Odi showing Vespa how to rip toys! In the 3 weeks he's been with me he hasn't so much as put a hole in any of his toys and within minutes 2 toys were already consigned to the waiting room of Dr Vee's Toy Surgery ready for morning opening time!

The calm before the storm

What with all the newness it didn't surprise me at all that Vespa woke during the night and needed out, but apart from that it was all quiet until just after 6.30 this morning.

I realised pdq that I've got to get into a routine, so it was up and out and fed, time for a play, then bed while I went and showered and dressed. Then it was Vespa's turn for a quick walk to the village shop for eggs and back, then he went in his cage while I took Odi out on a longer walk. On our return it was playtime again, til time for food and then another sleep. So far so good and I think this will be the pattern of our days. It would be good if Vespa was exhausted enough tonight to sleep through (he was beginning to before Odi got back), but I'm not holding out hope for that while he gets to know the new regime.

Odi's been wonderfully patient with Vespa and has relaxed totally into being back at home and even she seems quite pleased when he goes off for a sleep though!

That dog sure knows how to relax!

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