Thursday, 20 November 2014

Disaster strikes

Not with either of the pups, but me.

Both puppies are doing ok. Vespa seems to go to bed every night and get up so much bigger the next day! He's due for jags on Saturday so will get weighed. It'll be interesting to see how much he's really put on.

Odi's feeling under the weather with her season, but is battling on regardless and in the 2 weeks she's been back has still managed to kill a couple of toys, while Vespa, who's been with us over a month, has killed none. I think she'd prefer to go to bed with a hot water bottle and some chocolate until her season's over, but no such luck for her as she's continually either being shoved out of her bed or having to share it by her young companion. Also I don't think she really likes the 5.30 am start as she doesn't get fed til 7 and that's an awful long time for her to wait, but I'm really pleased that at least Vespa sleeps for around 7 hours now.

Meanwhile my so-called 'good knee' has done something and is causing me a lot of problems.

A few weeks ago I got up from the floor and it cracked extremely loudly and since then has given me a lot of pain. Last night I got up for a pee and it locked, which was ultra painful and didn't help with my sleep which isn't good at the best of times. I managed to hobble back to bed and wait til the pain subsided, but it's not great today.

I'm going to give it until next week to settle down, but if not then it'll be a visit to the doc who no doubt will tell me it's wear and tear etc etc.

Having no knee in my right leg makes me ultra conscious about my left one, but there's nothing I can do but hope.


  1. Oh no! Hope it settles back to normal. We're falling to bits!