Saturday, 15 November 2014

Into the routine

While Mountain Man has been away helping the BBC Children in Need Rickshaw Ride to get over 2 million pounds I've been at home doing 'routine'.

This revolves around puppy feeding, puppy playing, puppy walking and puppy sleeping. In between I've tried to get some work done with limited success. I had a report to read (about 100 pages) and it's taken me 3 days to get to the end and as to how much I've digested, well that's questionable. The rest of the work I need to do has had to take a back seat until MM comes home to rescue me.

Yesterday we had a visit from the Puppy Supervisor to sign paperwork for Vespa and so she could enlighten me as to what's going to happen with Odi. Apparently it's all down to when she comes into season. And here's the extraordinary thing... the PS left the house at 2 ish and within 2 hours Odi had come into season. I'm sure she was listening to all the permutations of what might happen if it didn't happen soon!

Vespa is responding well to the housetraining situation and is asking to go out and doing his business when asked. We've had a few puddles on the floor, especially the first couple of days of Odi's return as she drinks water by the gallon and he seemed to think it was only polite to keep up with her... the consequences were his needing to go out every 20 minutes, which was exhausting for me but quite a good exercise routine I suppose, but he seems to be back to normal now. And today, miracle of miracles, he walked to the village shop and back on his lead without demanding to be picked up once. Ok, it is only 200 yards away and it took 5 minutes to get there and 5 minutes back, but I was really chuffed.

The two of them are getting on pretty well. Odi's pretty patient with him most of the time and has, today, allowed him to get in her bed for a bit of a cuddle. Before today every time he got on her bed she got off.

Cuddle time

MM comes home tonight and then is off again tomorrow on Borders Search and Rescue training, so that's me sorted until Monday when hopefully I'll actually get something more done than opening the door for dogs to go out!

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