Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A bad mood day

After days of knee pain I went to see the doctor today. It seems as though I might have torn a ligament so badminton is off until the New Year and I have an anxious wait to see if it'll mend.

I'm also exhausted and that's not just with knee pain. Mountain Man and I are doing a night each with Vespa, the idea being that at least one of us will get a good night's sleep, but I seem to do sympathetic waking up at all hours on my nights off, which isn't great. Last night was my night on however, which coincided with Vespa having 'one of those nights'.

It started so well, with me going for an early night as I'd been up at 5.30 yesterday morning and out the door before 7 so I could get to a meeting in Glasgow. I was pretty tired when I got home so MM agreed to me going to bed early and wasn't thrilled to be woken up from a very deep sleep at 10.30 by Vespa demanding a pee.

At 2.30 am I was woken again, but this time, after a pee, Vespa wanted to play with Odi. I'm sure you can guess what my response to that was! After 20+ minutes trying to get him to quiet down I decided on the 'parrot approach' and covered the front of his cage (the sides and back already being covered) so he couldn't see out at all and it all went instantly quiet. I couldn't get back to sleep until well past 4 though and the 6.30 wake up squeak wasn't at all welcome.

Now I'm tired and in pain and those two things don't bode well for a good mood. To add to that the weather is shite and I feel utterly miserable. So watch out MM, Vespa and Odi, you have been warned!

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