Monday, 4 November 2013

Will she/won't she?

Arrive that is.

I've had a phone call this morning from the Guide Dogs For The Blind Puppy Supervisor (now there's a job title to conjure with and I'll bet that starts cocktail party chat no problem), who told me that we won't know until her rendezvous with the Guide Dog Puppy Wagon that appears at The Forth Road Bridge at approx 3pm tomorrow afternoon. Still, she did say no news is good news, though given my nerves right now and the last 2 fairly sleepless nights, I'm not so sure what 'good news' actually means!

Because of the long journey, if the puppy makes it at all, then she will have to stay overnight in Edinburgh and be brought down to The Borders on Wednesday... and depending on whether the Puppy Supervisor can cancel another arrangement, this might not be until Wednesday afternoon.

And to add to my stress levels, all this now coincides with Mountain Man going off for ten days of Mountain Man duties on a BBC Children In Need event. He was supposed to go for a week and be here for puppy arrival, but things got changed. Needless to say my sense of humour has been severely challenged, but things are as they are and I'll say nothing more about it... for now!

One piece of good news is that our puppy (if it is this one) comes with a name beginning with 'O'. I have been alerted that it may be something like Odine or Odina, neither of which is a name I'd have chosen, but then it's not my puppy and it could've been a whole lot worse.

Of course this might not actually be the puppy's name and the puppy might actually not be coming on Wednesday at all... I sense my 'go with the flow' skills are going to have to be on high alert!!

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