Saturday, 16 November 2013

A proud ma

Odi has now got a routine (of sorts) and it's making my life so much easier. I'm still tired as I'm having to get up in the night, but it's good to know when I can do things and when my attention is demanded.

We get up at anything from 6 - 7 (this is usually instigated by me, I have to add, as I usually wake and need to get myself something hot to drink) and rush outside so there's no accidents on the floor. After my drink we play for a little and then Odi takes herself back to her bed, where I shut her in and go get myself showered and dressed.

Then it's time for breakfast... mine first and then hers at 8. What's quite lovely is that Odi then takes herself back to bed and settles down for an hour or so, which gives me time to do whatever I need to do.

Getting ready for a post breakfast snooze
When she wakes we go outside so she can relieve herself and off we go for a walk. And after that? Well she falls asleep again for most of the morning.

Afternoons are usually spent doing some 'work' as in Odi's work of going to shops and being well behaved, which she mostly is.

My highlight today was going to get my paper and having someone in the shop say, 'What an incredibly well trained puppy you have there.' Proud? Moi? I should say so!


  1. Ah making great progress! Well done you. And Odi of course!

  2. Glad it's settling down. She is gorgeous!

    1. I think so! I can't describe how soft she is, but her fur feels like silk, which is a marked difference from the sharp, shark-like teeth!