Thursday, 21 November 2013

Time out plan B

Yesterday saw Odi and me heading for our very first Guide Dogs puppy training class. 18 manic dogs under 6 months old (quite a few of us first timers with 10 week old pups in tow) all trying to play with one another and the trainer trying to be heard over the din and get us into some kind of order!

Odi was by far the smallest, by far the loudest, the most attention seeking and the most aggressive in the trying to get the others to play with her. I also have to say she was the cutest... but I am a bit biased here, tho she was the only one sought out to have her photo taken.

Apart from all the behavioural issues and peeing on the floor twice, during the actual exercises she did extremely well. Her recall was particularly good.

It turns out the trainer yesterday happens to have Odi's brother Ozzie (though he wasn't well and couldn't attend yesterday) and her other brother Oliver was there too. She battered him a bit as sister's are inclined to do!

What was great was that I got some tips for time out and since then MM and I have employed our time out plan B (plan A being putting her in her cage - which, although it stopped the behaviour, I felt was a step we need to keep in hand for when she's particularly naughty), which is to remove Odi from the room the moment she starts barking and wanting attention and putting her into the utility room with the freestanding wooden trellis gate across the doorway so she can't get in. We only do this for a minute or two until she's calm and then let her back in. It's working a treat.

I wonder what tips I'll get from next week's class?

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