Saturday, 30 November 2013

Back on the world wide interweb!

After a frustrating, internet problem few weeks we're now up and running... it's great to be back!

It turns out that EE had taken over Orange and in the process almost cut us off. We were informed by EE that if we waited until next year it would all be brilliant... I'm sure you'll realise what our reply to that was!

The outcome is we decided to go with BT, who, although I know some people have had problems with, seems to work well in The Borders, but then it took 5 days - as in working days - to get it up and running and as we ordered it on a Friday, it took til this Friday for it to be working, but working it now is... what a relief.

What's struck me out of this is how much I rely on the web for all kinds of things and in some ways I've been pleased to have to focus on Odi.

So, apart from frantically trying to log on from time to time, what've I been doing?

Most of my time seems to have been taken up doing puppy training. Some of it has been really successful as Odi now sits and waits and can now lie down on command. We're currently working on 'stay', but that'll take a time I think. Every day we go and do something to challenge her a bit, which mostly seems to take the form of shopping. We've been to shops in Edinburgh, Kelso, Galashiels and Earlston. We've been on a bus (to Earlston 6 miles away and had to be picked up by Mountain Man as it was too much to ask an 11 week old pup to do the journey back) and spent many a happy time standing outside the house in the freezing cold to get over the sound of the large trucks rumbling by. She's still not housetrained, but we're trying and she's certainly trying us. On Wednesday this week we had the puppy training supervisor down for a visit, which lasted about an hour and a half. It was like being back in school and that's all I'm saying about it!

On a more pleasant note we've had puppy playdates with a seventeen week old Guide Dog puppy called Nancy who lives in Lauder and the gorgeous Poppy, who's going to be training as a SARDA (Search and Rescue) dog and we have another puppy coming over to play tomorrow afternoon.

Yes, life has taken on a distinctly puppy flavour!

Apart from that, I've been getting on with my Romance novel writing course, which is coming to an end this week. I've learned a lot, most of it being that I have a lot to learn; I've had workshop work to do, which has been a huge shock to my system; and had a son (No. 2) and a friend of mine to stay, both of which were fun.

I'll post some more Odi pics tomorrow to show you how much she's grown (she put on 2.2 kg in 3 weeks), but here's one to be going on with that my friend, Jenny took with 'Paper Camera app', which is great fun, but more than that actually makes me feel reasonably photogenic!

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