Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Time out

Home from the peace and quiet of London.

Odi, apparently, didn't miss me at all but when I arrived back I got one of those greetings that start off being pleasurable... the excited wagging and licking (I'm talking puppy here not Mountain Man)... and then rapidly turn into being painful as ears, nose, neck, clothes and anything that tiny shark-like puppy teeth can get hold of, get bitten to death.

Eventually, after beginning to realise that Odi must think her real name is Odi NO (complete with expletives and exclamation marks), I decided on a time out. No naughty step for her, but into her cage. I wish I'd employed this tactic earlier as it worked a treat.

Obviously my years in Child Psychology are paying off!


  1. Glad you added it was Odi and not MM doing the wagging and licking.

    1. Well I wasn't going to say anything... but....