Sunday, 17 November 2013

In shock

Not me... but Mountain Man.

Back from 10 days of working on The One Show Children In Need Rickshaw Ride, he arrived home last night to be confronted with the reality of being a Puppy Walker. And it wasn't long before that reality hit home.

He might well have been in a bit of a bubble at work, driving wonderful young people who've overcome incredible difficulties to manage a 24 hour 700 mile challenge, to being in a completely different bubble of 'puppy world', a 24 hour Odi challenge, where time is totally taken over by playing, watching puppy sleep, feeding or taking her out to get rid of whatever has gone in. And that friends is quite a challenge!

I'm off to London tomorrow for a meeting and then back on Tuesday, so MM will be on his own and his rude awakening to what will be our next year will be all his until my return.

Good luck MM... I think you're going to need it!


  1. No bother to the professionals! Me and the dog have already spoken and she says, yeah once she's gone we can both settle down and have a nice chilled couple of days.