Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's day 2013

There are just some gifts that shouldn't be given, and one of those is a nasty coldy fluey type virus. This is the very one that Mountain Man, the guy who never goes to bed when unwell, has had for the past 5 days and only today has managed to not just get out of bed, but also get out of the house. And this was the very gift I was given for Valentine's Day. Whoopee! Well they do say love shares.

What did I give MM? With all the looking after him I wasn't sure I'd get to the shops in time to get a card, so I went onto and bought one through them. It arrived yesterday. Rather a day early than a day late in my view... and of course those of you who know what I'm like won't be at all surprised by that.

Luckily MM got out today and went to M&S to buy something good to eat for tonight and a card that he gave me tonight (better late than never), while I slogged into work, not sick enough to stay home, and managed to contain my coughing and spluttering for long enough to do today's business. I also managed a quick trip to Boots to get some echinacea and cold medications in the hope that this thing I've got will be firmly and resolutely dampened down. I really can't afford 5 days in bed.

Sadly the virus has meant that my appetite is non-existent and MM's is just beginning to pick up so he wasn't all that hungry either, so all MM's good shopping didn't come to too much good and we just made do with the starter.

A nasty, coldy, fluey virus, a card that came early, a card that came late and a starter courtesy of M&S, yup, that's our Valentine's Day 2013. I certainly hope yours was a bit more romantic.


  1. Who say's romance is dead? Hope you beat the lurgy quickly.

    1. Thanks Denise. Am dosing myself with vit C, echinacea and Lemsips in the hope it passes soon.