Saturday, 9 February 2013

Thank you!

There's something about realising the oven needs a really good clean, and I mean really good, that somehow makes my heart sink, so am I ever pleased that, in 2009 when we had our new kitchen put in, we made the decision on getting a pyrolytic self-clean oven.

Tonight, after dinner, as I sat and watched crap Saturday night TV, drank some very palatable red wine that was reduced from £10 to £5, and put our extremely dirty oven on for a clean, I sat back in a rather smug way and let the oven clean itself.

Unbelievably, pyrolytic ovens were introduced as far back as 1963, but this is the first time I've ever had the joy of owning one. Not sure who invented it, and a quick Google search didn't come up with much (ok, I couldn't be bothered to look past the first page - I admit it), but frankly that person should be shaken by the hand.

Thank you so much Mr/Mrs Pyrolytic Oven Inventor... what a great invention!


  1. I want one! Is there a similar version in the hoover department?

  2. When we tried that with our oven in Oz the smugness ended quickly when the glass door cracked! Fortunately it was just in warranty but as it's now out of warranty we're too scared to do it again! Glad yours worked. (Obviously I'm a bit behind on blog reading!)

  3. And I'd feel exactly the same if that had happened to me, Lizzie.