Thursday, 7 February 2013

You can tell I'm feeling better

The past couple of days had seen a recurrence of my virus, but today I'm feeling a slight bit better. I can tell because not only do I feel better in myself, but I've also started feeling a bit stroppy.

My stroppiness takes the form of wanting to take on the 'giants' of this world. To speak up for the small person. To make a difference. Albeit on rather a selfish level.

Today's difference? Well, if I have a cup-a-soup at lunchtime I have my favourites, which are: for mushroom it's got to be Ainsley Harriot Wild Mushroom, for tomato it's got to be Heinz in the squeezable packet, and for miso it's got to be Clearspring Mellow White with Tofu. Laugh if you will, but that's the way it is.

Sainsbury's in Kelso used to stock the Ainsley Harriot Wild Mushroom, until about a year ago when they didn't. We tried all other makes but they just weren't the same. However, we can still get it in Edinburgh (30 miles away), which is fine when I'm there and shopping.

Mountain Man went shopping yesterday and, because there was no other, he came back with Sainsbury's own, and today when all that would do for my lunch was the taste of mushroom, that was all that was on offer. I drank it. I complained about it. Not at MM, I hasten to add, but at the injustice of not being able to get what I used to be able to get because of some supermarket giant's whim about what the people of the Borders should or should not have. I decided I'd just have to do something about it.

The customer service person in Kelso was very polite, but virtually said it was nothing to do with them as they were a small store and didn't have that much room. I did point out that 1) they used to stock it, and 2) there were loads and loads of other makes so surely they could take a couple of rows of those out and put in some Ainsley Harriot? He then said he could certainly take my query to head office, but actually it would be much better coming from me, as customer's views do count, and he gave me the number.

A call later to Sainsbury's HQ and I can report that they took my query seriously (really they did) and they're going to see if they can action it.

Ok *rubbing hands together*... who's next on the strop list?


  1. I think that's my cue to go out XXX

    1. Glad you're feeling better. I was very disappointed when Sainsbury's dropped the 'Red Tractor' food standard so stopped shopping with them. Given that I once bought a pint of milk from them I'm sure they'll have noticed my boycott!

    2. They all seem as bad as each other, and here it's a question of mileage as Kelso is so much nearer than anywhere else. But good you've been able to make your lack of presence felt as I'm sure they're wondering who that missing person who bought that pint of milk is!