Thursday, 8 December 2011

Weather god party

It's not very nice out there... not very nice at all! It's now just past 2.30 pm and I've been sent home from work along with the other poor souls who braved it in today in spite of the weather gods having a party. It's the kind of party which means they send everything down as much as possible and make life hell for us poor earthlings. So far, in Edinburgh today, we've had wind, rain, hail, and sleet. No snow as yet, but I'm sure they'll see to that in due course.

I'm staying in Edinburgh overnight as tomorrow I am supposed to be co-facilitating an all day workshop. This could be fun, especially as my colleague has to come all the way down from Inverness, and although is taking the train... well, we all know what that can mean... so all I can do is sit and wait and wonder.

However, that's tomorrow, and right now there are other priorities. I've found my hotwater bottle which is already filled. I don't have a flask, which is a slight problem and I don't really want to venture out there to go and buy one, but it's something to put on that ever extending 'list' of must have things. I have a gas hob, so if the electricity goes down then at least I can get something hot to eat. I've got a book to read and a torch to read by should it come to that. And if it gets really freezing, I've got my sleeping bag to keep me extra warm.

Mountain Man and Nell are in the Borders, where they have all the modern conveniences that one needs at a time like this, and anyway he's a mountain man and knows how to deal with life's emergency situations so all's well on that score.

Now we just need the bloody weather god party to be over, and I have to say, rather uncharitably, I hope they have a hangover tomorrow!

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