Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas came and went

I hope you all had as good and peaceful a Christmas as I did.

Mountain Man, Nell and I spent a lovely day relaxing, unwrapping presents, watching telly, drinking Prosecco (well ok that was me, I admit it) and eating when we could be bothered. Santa was very good to us all and we felt very lucky. That's Nell included, who just loves to unwrap her Christmas present - especially as she gets the same every year, but I think in her mind it wouldn't be Christmas without a seasonal ragger.

Nell enjoying her Christmas ragger

Our initial plan was to unwrap a present each every hour, but that plan got scuppered quite early when phone calls came thick and fast and we had to unwrap things at rather a pace to keep up!

We played games like we usually do, though without boys here it didn't have quite the same ring to it, but we managed to enjoy ourselves nevertheless.

Yesterday was another relaxing day. There were storm force winds in the Borders so we decided to stay home and enjoy ourselves. I went out for approximately 8 minutes, but having been almost blown off my feet I went back inside and there I stayed.

We decided to play the game I bought for the family - Pick-up-Sticks - and jolly good it was too. Mountain Man is extremely good at it and I can see I'll have to put in some practice. Something to do with having very steady hands and a technique honed when he was a child. Can't wait for the boys to come a-visiting so we can have a game.

So that was our Christmas couple of days, and as we have people coming for drinks tomorrow night there's shopping to do and appetisers to make, Wii Zumba (thanks No. 1 son) to get me in the mood, and a Vegan meal to try (thanks No. 2 son).

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas break everyone!

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