Sunday, 4 December 2011

Cold and hungry

Yesterday morning saw us heading for Kelso in the freezing cold to attend Pim Claridge's latest poetry book launch for 'Shadow on the Sand'  at Latimer's Bookshop. It was lovely to hear her read her own work.

This time of year the dark seems to come on so early and, when it gets dark, I feel I have to go to bed and curl up. So rather reluctantly I had to get myself moving in the even colder weather to go to Edinburgh in the late afternoon, when my body had clearly decided that it really was time to be tucked up rather than being out and about.

There were 2 birthdays to celebrate. My dear friend N, who I've known since we were both at 6th form college together in 1968, turned 59. She has been severely under the weather for quite a while with one of those repeating coldy/cough things that just won't go away and so she wasn't up for doing much. We called round to give her her present and chat a while, then went off to a friend of Mountain Man's 40th birthday get together at The Saint in Stockbridge. 

One of the things we hadn't bargained for was food, or lack of. We had lunch, and a quick tea and toast before we left, but by the time we left N's we were both really hungry. I don't know why but we both thought there might be at least some nibbles at the pub, but no, and 2 glasses of rather nice organic white wine later, I was feeling decidedly squiffy. We decided that it was definitely time to go and get something to eat.

We found ourselves heading back to the Borders knowing that we were going to pass one of our favourite Thai restaurants, Thaisanuk in Dalkeith Road, where we know that the Thai fish cakes are delicious. A quick phone call and fish cakes were ordered ready for pick up as we drove past. The only problem was that I was absolutely starving by this time and there was no way my portion would wait until I got home, so I ate mine while MM heroically drove on with the smell of fish cakes pervading the car.

However, my stomach, having had a starter, was in the mood for more and could bear it no further than Pathhead, where MM generously got out of the car and bought me fish and chips, which I also couldn't wait until I got home to consume.

A rather greasy 20 minutes later we arrived home me stuffed with food while poor MM was only starting his (it was now after 10) and so I left him to it, while I fell into a rather fish filled sleep.

I can only say that all this unhealthy, fatty food did nothing for my dreams and I'm not sure this is a culinary experience that will ever bear repeating... at least I hope not!

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