Saturday, 24 December 2011

Post party report

Two days later and I'm still suffering the after effects of my work Xmas 'do'. It triggered a migraine and I had no medication with me. Eventually yesterday afternoon I put in an emergency call to my man in the Borders, who came rushing to my aid and who stayed with me til around 7 and then, because he still had things to do at home, decided to leave me to sleep and head back with an extremely reluctant dog in tow.

I'm only slightly better today and am taking my time before I get myself ready for my hour long drive to my Border home.

The party itself was good. We were at the Scottish Malt Whisky Society, which is a lovely central venue. We were greeted at the door with some warm, alcoholic concoction, which I'm pretty sure was whisky based. I think this was my undoing, as whisky anything on an empty stomach is pretty lethal. This was followed by quite a few red wines, a whole lot of water and a delicious meal. The Secret Santa was a bit complicated... don't ask me why a bunch of psychologists have to make such a simple concept as convoluted as they can, but trust me they did. Then it was the usual madness of team games of guessing things, singing carol games and generally having a laugh. We ended up in an Edinburgh drinkery, by which time I already knew I'd had enough, so opted for water, and then left after a wee while to negotiate my way to the nearest cab.

Mountain Man had been to his spinning class in Edinburgh and so was staying too. All good so far. At about 2 in the morning poor old Nell was sick on her bed. She slept the rest of the night on our bed, while we hardly got any sleep at all as she kicked and whimpered her way through. I can't honestly say her sleeping arrangements gave me a migraine, but it sure didn't help, but by the time MM and Nell left me in the morning I was already well in the throes.

Nell has always been allowed on our bed for a while before we go to sleep, but she's never been allowed to sleep on it for the night. I think her stint that night gave her an insight as to what her life could be like and so when she accompanied MM on his rescue mission with migraine medication, she jumped on the bed and had to literally be prised off when it was time to go. It was very funny watching the usually extremely patient MM determined Nell was going to go with him, and she in turn was equally determined she was going to stay put.

So that's it for this year. Another pre-Xmas party season negotiated and just about survived. I'm now looking forward to a relaxing Xmas Day and I sincerely hope that you all have a lovely, relaxing one too.

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