Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I predict a cold Christmas

No, not the weather variety, but the nasal sort.

After my stint in the freezing cold on Sunday, followed by 2 parties on Monday night where I went from outside cold to sitting in very warm with people sneezing around me, I think I'm succumbing to a cold.

This is not helped by No. 2 son, who has come to stay and seems to be getting over one, and finally Mountain Man, who is rarely ill, felt sick and dizzy yesterday and after a sleep woke up saying he felt like he had a cold coming on.

I'm just hoping I last til the day after tomorrow, because tomorrow is my work's Christmas 'do' and I want to go and get home again and enjoy myself too.

It's usually a much fun event - and this folks is where you let your imagination go riot - where 12 psychologists of varying persuasions (Clinical, Occupational and Health and Safety) and the support staff, who ably 'manage' us throughout the year, get together and eat, drink and be merry. Games are obviously of a reasonably sensible variety and even the Health & Safety guys join in without too much of a damper on the event, though last year there were mutterings about the number of stairs we had to negotiate after much wine and whisky was imbibed.

I will report back once the day is over, and hopefully when I'm back in the safety of my home, getting ready for the final Christmas Day preparations, which means actually going out and buying some food.

Because Mountain Man and I are going to be just the two of us this year, we seem to have been quite lax in making sure we have anything ready for the day. However, at this rate it'll probably be Lemsips at dawn and we'll take it from there. Would be a good start to have some in of course, so that'll be first on the list then!

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