Friday, 7 January 2011

Plastic soup

I began to feel a bit unwell on Wednesday night, which got worse and worse as Wednesday turned into Thursday. Yesterday was a complete dead loss and it was only due to the ministrations of my Beloved that actually got me through it. I couldn't keep anything, including water, down until well into the evening, when I managed a piece of dried toast.

After a couple of hours I then had some more toast and some soup. The weirdest thing is that the only kind of soup that I can stomach when I'm ill is Knorr Spring Vegetable packet soup. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't let anything so revolting pass my lips, but there's something about it that seems to do it for me when I'm unwell. It's not like real soup, a bit plastic actually, and has the strangest consistency that I'm not sure anyone could imitate when making from scratch. Luckily we always have a packet or two in the cupboard just in case.

Today I'm still feeling lousy, but definitely better, so it's a good thing the whole packet was made up so that I've got something to have for my lunch and dinner. A bit sad as tonight is the Borders Search and Rescue Christmas get together, which they always seem to have well into the New Year. So while my Beloved and others are tucking into the delights of whatever it was we ordered about a month ago (what is it about ordering food so long in advance that there's not a hope in hell of remembering what it was when it comes to the moment?), I shall be tucking into the last of the plastic soup. Lucky me!


  1. Drink it out of a plastic bowl to enjoy the experience to its full!

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Plastic soup can't be good for the soul! x