Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Christmas ends

We had a really lovely night with Shirley and Andy, though I'm convinced S didn't want me to win at Wii (you know what you did, girl!). But I did better at the Team Trivial Pursuit and only lost one game. The good thing was that they stayed the night and so there was no rush. Didn't get to bed til well after midnight and a late get up this morning.

After they left I decided that it was time for the cards and the tree to come down and so effectively Christmas is now over. I always feel a bit sad as I pack up the lights and the tree as it's a reminder that the party season is finished and the sombreness of January and February begin. Always the worst months for feeling low as it's still dark outside in the early morning and it gets dark early so feels like there's no respite from winter. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have much more snow as I'm truly fed up with the white stuff.

So now to knuckle down to work and get myself back on the treadmill... literally in this case as I need to get fit after weeks of doing not much at all and am feeling really out of sorts. Christmas overdoing it will have to stop and a bit of a spartan regime will have to begin. That's the theory of course...

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  1. Oh no not the Spartans!! Must be time for the beloved to be sent on a trip somewhere! xxx