Sunday, 9 January 2011

Getting back to real food

After reading the comments so kindly left by Bassman and Lizzie I thought I'd give you an update on the state of my health.

After another day of plastic soup I began to feel a little more like eating real food last night. So I had pretend sausages (veggie) with a little mash for dinner last night, which didn't make me feel sick -  a bonus I'm sure you'll agree - and I felt at last that I was beginning to get back to a state where I could get out of bed.

I've still got a headache and still feeling dizzy today, but actually do feel like I shall be able to get beyond the bathroom and start, slowly, to get back to normal.

The one thing that I still can't stomach however, is coffee. The very thought of it makes me feel like retching. I'm supposing this will be the last breach of getting back to normality and will be my benchmark for a full recovery having taken place.

So if any of you bright sparks out there have any remedies for headaches, dizziness and the non-stomaching of coffee please let me know. Otherwise I may have to follow Bassman's lead and change the name of my blog.

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