Sunday, 2 January 2011

It IS Sunday

I've had a few problems trying to think what day of the week I'm on. Anyway, I've realised today is Sunday and had almost decided that it will be another day off... but... the course I'm writing with a colleague needs to be ready for end of next week in its draft form and it still needs a bit of work, so will try and crack on with that. But I think today will be mainly downtime.

I've been very good and not gone onto the OU website. I've spent my time over the last few days reading and doing the course instead. The trouble with an online cafe I've realised is that it's very easy to spend quite a lot of time in the virtual world, having a virtual cup of coffee and a virtual chat with folk, but what happens is that no work gets done and slightly defeats the object of the exercise. So I've banned myself from it for the next wee while and see how I get on.

Shame really as I love to hear what others are up to and the lot on the alternative cafe are an interesting and erudite bunch who are very supportive and a lot of them are extremely good writers. This is probably why they can spend their time in the virtual world and not have it affect them, as they've already honed their craft so to speak, whereas newbies like me can spend far too much time virtually listening to them and not honing anything.

It also doesn't help that I've put my back out. It's on the mend, but still a bit sore. Went for a walk yesterday, but really felt it after, so another excuse for taking today easy and conserving my energy for tomorrow, when we're expecting friends at some point during the day and then we have our return match with Andy and Shirley in the evening.

New Year Coffee Plant update:
The poorly plant is still poorly. It hasn't got any worse but looks quite pathetic next to its larger relatives. But the larger ones also have the odd brown leaf, so maybe it's just the time of year. They certainly aren't too keen on the cold and are a bit like their owner who'd far rather be in warmer climes and gets a bit pathetic in the winter... probably why I chose to grow coffee plants in the first place as we have so much in common!

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