Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Birthday over

Yesterday was a lovely day. My Beloved took me to a spa which happened to be on the edge of the M8 on the way to Livingston. He bought it through something called Groupon, where you get things cheap but only as long as lots of people go for it. The package was for £150 worth of spa and treatments for £49.50, so my Beloved decided at that price he'd come too.

It was a chaotic start and although was meant to start at 10, the place wasn't really open or geared up. I was keeping my fingers crossed that it was going to be ok at that point. And the fact that we were supposed to get our treatments at 12 and we didn't get them til gone 1 also didn't bode too well. Still we had time in the sauna and then in the hot tub - which was very, very hot and I only lasted about 15 mins. The only thing was, was that it all felt a bit surreal. There we were in our cozzies being boiled alive on the side of the M8 with police sirens going by!

However, once the treatments started it was fantastic. A massage, a facial, a foot and hand massage and nails painted (me not the Beloved, he baulked at that one!) left me feeling very chilled.

Then it was home. By that time I was totally bushed. Amazing how exhausting it can be doing not very much at all. I've decided I must do more of it!

So that was that, and now it's back to work. I'm still feeling very tired and my brain feels very fuzzy, but I'm definitely getting better. Not drinking coffee better yet, nor alcohol, but I'm hopeful that soon I shall be back to both, and I've been promised a meal out to celebrate. Can't ask for more than that.


  1. Sounds like just what you needed, if a little surreal! I'm glad your beloved didn't present you with a packet of plastic soup as your birthday meal! Enjoy your proper meal when you're well enough to celebrate fully.

  2. Thanks Lizzie
    Have taken a few steps back so sadly it's not going to be this weekend. Still something to look forward to.
    Take care and stay healthy... remember you're coming back to the land of 1000 bugs!