Monday, 19 July 2010

The Tidying Fairy

Yesterday at the festival was great. It stayed dry for most of the day and there was a good crowd. I sold quite a bit too so felt I'd earned my keep so to speak. Unlike other festivals it's a stall by invitation only, so it was good to feel that having been asked to take part we were selling the kind of things the organiser felt the crowd would want to buy. Also the festival was supporting The Teenage Cancer Trust and so at least I ended up being able to give them a percentage of the profits as I actually had some, something I wasn't so sure I would after Saturday.

I had one embarrassing moment though yesterday morning when She Who Must Not Be Named paid a visit to my bedroom to look at something I'd bought, and I was suddenly aware that the bedroom was a complete and utter mess. It's funny how easy it is to let the tidying get out of hand when I'm busy. Still it has spurred me on to actually get on and do some tidying. I've still got to put away all the stuff left over from the festival too, so that will take a while.

I wish there was a Tidying Fairy to make my life easier, so I could spend my day off doing something a bit more inspiring than getting the bedroom sorted. Oh yes and I could also do with a visit from the Cleaning Fairy, the Tax Sorting Fairy (yes, I've still been avoiding that one with a vengeance), the Gardening Fairy, the Cooking Fairy ... in fact I'm in severe need of the whole complement!

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