Saturday, 24 July 2010

A planned weekend

Now the working week is out of the way and both my beloved and I are at home this weekend, we are maybe going to manage to have a day together. That is unless my beloved changes his mind again and decides to spend the afternoon doing a local hill race. At the moment it's a 'no' to that, but as he was keen yesterday I'm not sure. So apart from a planned shop for much needed food, we might even get a walk in.

We often make grand plans when we're both home, but somehow they always seem to fall through as the day zips by and we realise we haven't done any of the things we said we'd do.

Tomorrow we're expecting She Who Must Not Be Named and R to swing by. We're just not sure what time to expect them but we know they're staying the night. It will be an excuse to spend time planning and cooking a lovely meal rather than our usual thrown together way we have when it's just a deux.

So this weekend is sounding good already, and I'm pleased to say we've managed to fulfil our first task which was to get our diaries together and confirm that we're both free to go on an excursion to La Belle France in late August. We've booked the tickets, booked the car and got our Rough Guide. A few days with friends, a few days on our own going where we decide.... sounds like bliss to me.

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