Monday, 12 July 2010

A new schedule

This is the first week of my new working schedule. I will be working 2 days a week at my regular job, and then this means that I can devote a day a week to the project I'm working on, a day a week to my business concerns up North and down South, and time for my other clients. I think that takes me back to a 5 day week instead of the frenetic sometimes 8 days a week that has been my pattern for the last year.

Being away on Holy Isle certainly allowed me to recognise that my working life was taking over and was completely ridiculous. I was worn out and didn't have much time for doing the other things I like to do, such as writing and framing and, and, and....

Now of course I have the time and no excuses. Except there are always excuses. I was having a laugh with She Who Must Not Be Named the other day as I was telling her all about a book I was recommended on procrastination, but sadly I've procrastinated so much I haven't actually read it yet!

Coffee Plant update: I thought I'd entrance you all with the latest pic of my babies. They are looking good and I'm thinking that cup of home made coffee can only be about 9 years away now....

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