Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I'm blaming the birds

As a perk of my job I recently got a Costco card. For those of you who don't know, Costco is a cash and carry membership warehouse that sells pretty much everything. You can buy individual items such as tvs, radios, computers and the like, but everything else is in bulk.

So today I went shopping and spent... well I'm not telling. But 40 loo rolls, 20 rolls of paper towels, and 600 cotton buds were the tip of the iceberg. The great thing is though that a large sack of birdseed cost £5.65 and 50 suet balls were £5.95, which compared to the last lot I bought is about a quarter of the price. The birds don't seem to care as to whether they get expensive or cheap, they just scoff the lot.

So under the illusion of spending less on the birds, I spent a fortune on all sorts of other things that were 'must haves' and I shall leave it all to your active imaginations to think just what those might be!

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