Friday, 19 March 2010

Truly strange happenings at the Auld Kirk

Ok... well believe it or not, we are now the proud possessors of a Toast N' Egg. The rather strange, but very sensible concept of making toast and cooking an egg all with the one appliance at the same time.

Even more strange is that it actually works!

It arrived approximately half an hour ago, and approximately 10 minutes ago I finished my poached egg on toast, which I have to admit was absolutely perfectly cooked.

One fly in the ointment perhaps, is that you can only cook one egg at a time, so my other half had to wait for his delight to appear (he was doing the cooking, so I got first dibs).

The slightly frightening thing was that while my toast n' egg were cooking I was reading the instructions out loud and got to the bit where it said "wash all parts of the appliance before cooking" and from the look on the beloved's face I knew this instruction hadn't been followed. I think he must have started reading the manual at page 5 and not from the beginning... I have a feeling that this is not such an odd thing for a man (and yes I know that this is a somewhat sexist comment, but such is life!). And what is also not so odd is that I shall now sit for the rest of the day and wonder if I've been poisoned.

So it seems that there have been no strange happenings at the Auld Kirk after all!

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  1. Do you have a photo? My mind is boggling with the thoughts of what such a contraption might look like!