Monday, 29 March 2010

The proud owner

Okay, well I can look at it... that is my new iPhone of course.

I have made my first telephone call, which was to my son who was sitting downstairs. He was truly nonplussed at my phoning him from a few feet away, but hey a girl needs a bit of safety and he was available.

I've sent my first text message - to my beloved who is in China for a week - and I've sent my first email - to my friend Jenny. She has an iPhone too and I thought she'd be the one to understand the minimalist nature of my message, which was along the lines of 'I'm sending this from my iPhone'.

The only problem is that I don't know how to turn the volume up, don't know how to get it to go online, don't know how to take a photo, and the list of what I don't know could probably fill up several blog pages.

Still it's very pretty to look at and I can turn it on and off and I managed to get it to sync with my laptop all by myself... so on the whole I think I'm doing pretty well under the circumstances.

Anyone do iPhone lessons?

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