Friday, 12 March 2010

The joys of modern technology

Today I had a meeting between myself and others who reside in the far north of Scotland, and instead of hacking the many miles up the A9 we decided to have our very first Skype meeting.

It worked really well... the technology that is. Sadly human frailties have a way of making life rather difficult. And so it was that this morning I awoke feeling very nauseous and headachy. Ok, I had been out with my hubby to celebrate his one less than 60th birthday a day early with no.1 son, and N, my oldest, closest friend. And I do admit to eating quite a variety of delicious tapas and also a couple of glasses of vino, but I absolutely did not expect to feel the way I did.

Nevertheless the hour came for the meeting and I had to face not just the ignominy of being seen by professional working people (luckily friends too) looking like illness personified, but even worse had to start the meeting by saying 'sorry folks, I'm going to have to go and be sick' and then come back a few minutes later and have to hold what was supposed to be a sensible, thought-provoking, sensitive meeting.

The outcome was however a very good meeting in the end, them thinking I was very brave for carrying on, and me feeling a whole lot better as time went on.

Still I'm not so sure that having a meeting in my pj's, with red face, puffy eyes, and a rather strange hairstyle from spending the half hour prior to the meeting with my head under the pillow, let alone leaving the virtual space to go and have an intimacy with the toilet bowl and then come straight back when people know exactly what has been going on, is the kind of image that I want to portray as a modern day woman about town professional.

There's one thing about leaving a lasting impression but it would be nice to leave the right one. I'm blaming Skype myself.

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