Monday, 8 March 2010

After the calm...

I had a very restful weekend and then on turning the page in my diary realised I have one helluva week coming up. Still today was one of those rare things in my week, a Monday when I don't have to be anywhere working.

I did a little bit of work at home this morning and then went off to the monthly writing group get together in Kelso, which is full of illustrious luminaries who do nothing for my confidence as a writer, but are an interesting bunch. I can only rarely go to this group as since I joined I've been working most Mondays when they meet, and I'm about to start a stint of facilitating a group on Mondays through until May...still at least my writing self-esteem won't get such a battering for a while.

I also managed to get in a bit of shopping. I found an amazing shop at the back of Kelso that sells all sorts of interesting items, like Hotmax, which is an incredible substance for woodburning stoves that apparently doesn't need kindling to get it started and burns at a slow rate, but gives off great heat. Why oh why has it taken me all winter to find something to help me be warm and makes lighting the fire dead easy just as the temperature has risen to +6 today and I've forsaken my vest for the first time in months?

And of course now all I want to do is to sit in front of the woodburner and create heat for myself so that I can bask in some warmth, whereas the reality is that I shall only be home enough for the rest of the week to enjoy a quick breakfast at 6.30 a.m. and then collapse into bed at the other end of the day.

Still someone has to earn the pennies to pay for those coffee plants to enjoy their luxury accommodation!

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