Tuesday, 4 April 2017

1st class

Today was Diesel's first puppy class and, much to my amazement, he did brilliantly. However, I have no photos whatsoever as I had to concentrate on him.

When we got there it was time to play and his pals, Folly and Millie were very willing to oblige! Also there was Rose, who he's going to stay with when I'm off to Thailand in late June, and Robyn - a 15 week old gorgeous blonde lab/retriever cross. Actually, Diesel did better than Robyn did because he's got his 'down' down to a tee, whereas she was struggling a bit. I even had a proud mama moment when his recall, which is hopeless at home, was perfection.

So, all in all, I was very pleased. And when I think back to Odi and Vespa there's no comparison. Odi was a hooligan right from the off and Vespa, well at every class he disgraced himself (until the Christmas party where he actually won prizes) by doing something or other, so, having a puppy who actually did what I asked, was pretty amazing for me.

However, Vespa was really good at home and Odi, well, apart from being a hooligan, she wasn't all that bad at home, but Diesel? Well Diesel is a very, very mischievous pup. He's into everything and, when I leave him in the kitchen on his own for a few minutes, he's already off creating as much mischief as he can.

It's interesting for me, as in some ways I like a puppy who behaves well at home. But then the accolades of people when my puppy behaves well in class is a new thing for me. And frankly, I'm reveling in it... well just for now, of course, because you can never tell with a puppy. By next month Diesel might have decided that behaving in class isn't really a going thing.

Roll on next month and we'll all find out then.

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