Saturday, 15 April 2017

Change of plans

I'm finding life with Diesel is full of doing not much at all and yet seemingly very busy.

We've been out to play with various other Guide Dog puppies, done lots of shopping (he's quite the star attraction in Boots in Galashiels and Sainsburys in Kelso. And the security guard in Asda has done quite a good job of checking our Guide Dog credentials every time we go), a bit of training and not a lot else.

I do have one funny episode to report, which is when I was trundling around Sainsburys and talking to Diesel while doing so. You know... things like, 'And now I have to get eggs and bread' and stuff like that. Well one couple were looking at me very strangely and so I said, 'I'm not talking to myself, really I'm not. I'm talking to the puppy.' And they just looked at me as though I was completely bonkers and walked off. I only realised after that, that talking 'shop' to a puppy is quite as bonkers as talking to myself. I'm going to have to curb that one before I get a reputation!

I'm in the process of writing a play for Treading The Borders, a theatre company that has got some Scottish Arts funding to stage a Noel Coward play and one by one us new writers (there's 15 of us). I signed up for the project as I thought I'd get to learn about writing for the stage (I did), but I hadn't realised I actually had to write one for an actual performance (I do). That'll teach me not to read the small print! It's still very much in the process and has to be done by 23rd May. I'm finding the constant interruptions of having to say 'no' and 'don't bite' and 'off' is not conducive for a good working session.

We did, however, have a lovely intrusion into our routine yesterday, when my friend, Shirley, came for a visit. Diesel loved having her here too and spent a lot of time on her lap on the beanbag, trying to bite her fingers. I was just relieved it wasn't mine for a change!

Diesel having a good old chew!

We're off this afternoon to Melrose Rugby Football ground for the league final. We're on the guest list. Should be fun, but not sure how long we'll be able to stay. Diesel hasn't yet learned to do anything (that doesn't involve chewing) for very long at all.

Meanwhile, my work plans for this year have changed. I was due to go for my usual stint at Chiva Som in Hua Hin, Thailand in July. It was supposed to be for 2.5 weeks. Anyhow, they asked me to change dates, which turned out not possible from my end. So instead, they've given me the whole month of June next year and, having looked into things, I've decided to completely change tack as July isn't the best time weather-wise in Thailand in July and I'm already feeling a lack of hot sunshine and certainly don't want rain on my hols if at all possible. So I'm now due to go to France and see my friends over there instead. I usually go in August, but it turns out that July is now better for us all.

Always good to have something nice to look forward to.

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