Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A new experience

Guide Dog puppies are supposed to be introduced to all kinds of different circumstances, but today was the first time, with all the puppies I've either walked or boarded, that I've taken a puppy to a funeral.

Today was the funeral of the amazing Alison Brown. She and her sister, Betty, puppy walked 98 Guide Dog puppies between them. That is a literally a lifetime's worth of service to a cause. Rather nice to know that their last puppy (from 18 months ago) is now a working dog.

There were about 10 puppies and a couple of actual Guide Dogs there. Not the easiest to negotiate singing hymns and standing and sitting at the appropriate points when you've got a 9.5 week old puppy to handle, with other dogs, children and all sorts of interesting things as distraction. But we managed it. We did have to go out once for a quick pee and I did use half a bag of treats to keep Diesel quiet, but luckily he's a squeaker not a barker, unlike a couple of other pups. One who never even made it through the door as she was barking her head off before we even started to troop into the crem.

All good experience though... and that's for both Diesel and me.

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