Friday, 10 February 2017

The end of the birthday is nigh

I had my stitches out today, though it was a touch traumatic... not for me, but for the nurse as the scab and the stitches had become one and she was a bit nervous about it all. However, as far as all concerned goes, the wound seems to be healing well and the scar has been proclaimed 'nice' by the doc.

Of course for me, all I see is a bloody great bit of red and bruising all the way down my nose, but I suppose that will go in time. Either that or I'll get used to it!

Tomorrow is the end of my birthday month. I traditionally celebrate for a month just because January is such a bad time to have a birthday and people get fed up partying after Xmas and New Year, so I extend it to enable some partying to go on. And tomorrow I have a couple of friends coming over for drinks and a catch up, one of whom had her birthday on the day after mine, so in a way it's a chance for us both to celebrate each other's birthdays.

It's also a damn good way to celebrate my stitches coming out and I shall definitely make the most out of that!

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