Saturday, 18 February 2017

Great to be home

Well that was a fun week!

My course was great and very enlightening and I had lots of social things to do in the evening.

On Sunday night I went out with my dear friend, Suky. We've known each other when our firstborns were first born, so that's 32 years and we always have a great time.

Monday night was dinner out at a Chinese restaurant with friends and Tuesday was the most disastrous date ever, but also very funny. It was a blind date and lasted all of 35 minutes. We were not enchanted with each other to put it mildly!

Then on Wednesday I went to meet Charlotte, who used to be a war correspondent and now heads up a women's refugee charity making films to help them. I met her on a train back last year and we've stayed in touch. She's fascinating. However, after Tuesday's disaster it was rather nice, while I was waiting for Charlotte to appear, to be chatted up by Ramon Vega, who uses to play for Spurs back in the 80's. He was hilarious and given that I'm 20 years older than him, was also great for my self-esteem. And then Charlotte turned up so I had to leave him and his pals to it while she and I went off to chat about more serious stuff.

Thursday I went to see The English National Opera perform The Pirates of Penzance. It wasn't the best production I've seen, though I loved the set design. I don't think it was helped by sitting in the gods, in the most uncomfortable seat ever and having an inebriated elderly gent behind me, who was drinking wine all the way through and laughing in very odd places. At one stage I was worried in case he spilled his wine down my back, but at least I was spared that.

And last night I came home. I arrived back in my house at 11.20 pm and it was great to be in my own space. I think my journey back was helped by my having a free back massage whilst waiting in the First Class Lounge at Kings Cross. Virgin East Coast hire Massage Angels to come and give weary passengers a massage and I had the lovely Harriet who was great. I was very grateful.

Today I'm feeling fab. Don't ask me why as it's a windy, grey day out there, but there's something about being in my own home that just can't be beat.

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