Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Clothing twins

Today was my philosophy class and, after all that intensive brain work, I went off to have lunch with my friend Shirley at Jamie Oliver's in Rose Street, Edinburgh.

When Shirley turned up she had bought a lovely, very comfortable pair of boots from John Lewis, that had been £130, but had been reduced to £65 and there were 2 more pairs left in our size. So after our delicious lunch we wandered off to John Lewis so I could try a pair on.

By the time we got there, there was just one pair left. I bought them, but as I had some John Lewis vouchers to the amount of £30, my boots cost me just £35. I was very pleased.

The only problem is that Shirley is a great shopping resource. I love the things she buys and quite often have been known to go and purchase the same item. We now have to be very careful and text each other before we meet to say what we're wearing for fear of turning out like a pair of clothing twins (especially in the earring department), as that would never do!

My '£35' boots

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