Saturday, 26 March 2016

To the world's end and back

After my busy time in London, I had one day... yes, just one day... of respite before my social life took hold again. This is partly because, as of yesterday, my social life is severely curtailed as I have a Guide Dog puppy to stay until 11th April and my friend, Jim, is going back to Australia then, so we decided to spend a couple of fun-filled days in Edinburgh before the pup came.

Wednesday started off with me spending much of the day trying to sort out a landing page for my new e-book and trying to co-ordinate it with another page that can alert people to the fact that my book will be available from 19th April. I spectacularly failed at this!

Then I went into Edinburgh and spent a lovely time with No. 1 Son, catching up with what he'd been doing before heading off to Jim's place. After a couple of glasses of wine, we went to find food. Unbelievably, by 8 pm a lot of places had stopped serving, so we headed for David Bann veggie restaurant, one of my favourites. I don't think Perth, Australia has many veggie places and Jim thought it was one of the best vegetarian meals he'd had. We stayed there almost til closing time and then back to his for music and drinks before I went back to No. 2 Son's house at about 2 am to get some much needed sleep.

Thursday I spent time with No. 2 Son who contacted an ex-girlfriend of his, Kimi, who could possibly help me sort my landing page issue and, as she said she could come over in the evening, I scooted off back to the Borders for a chiropractic appointment and then back to Edinburgh to meet with her. Meanwhile No. 2 Son was cooking a meal for his buddies and Jim and I had arranged to meet at the World's End pub for a meal at around 7.

Kimi had originally said 'after 6', so I made sure I got back before then and waited... and waited... and waited. Poor Kimi was held up at work, so 6.30 came, 6.45 came and then finally I cracked and phoned Jim to say I wouldn't be able to meet until 7.30. At 7.20 Kimi turned up. I really felt for her as, after all, she was doing me a huge favour, but I really had to get going. She told me not to worry but to leave it with her and go for my dinner. I love that girl!

I have to say that the food at The World's End was delicious. By far the best pub food I've had in Edinburgh. Jim was especially pleased as the barman had poured an extra beer by mistake and so he got it free. Why don't these things happen when I'm paying, that's what I'd like to know! From there we went back to Jim's just to hang out. It was another 2 am before I got back to No. 2 Son's. I sometimes wonder howcome Jim and I have so much to talk about, but we do.

So... Friday morning and I came home and got organised for Sue, the Guide Dog puppy's entrance into my life.

To say that she was manic would be an understatement. Positively the worst behaved GD pup I've come across, which is quite funny as her puppywalker is a dog behavioural expert! However, we did have a discussion that the difference between a 'red mist' dog and a Guide Dog is huge, so I think Sue's been allowed to get away with her manic tendencies as she's as far removed from 'red mist' as you can get!

Anyway, she had a mad half hour, where she literally went bananas. Her puppywalker had told me she never goes upstairs, but the moment the stairgate was open she rushed up there and wouldn't come down! I decided to let her run about for a while and once I heard her stop for a second I quietly called and she came so that I could at least get a lead on her. We went out for a walk and then, once home again, she calmed down considerably. I was much relieved!

Sue beginning to calm down

She's a real sweetie and is very affectionate. Though I realised she has a penchant for chewing my hair, which I'm actively discouraging, but the moment I sit on the cushion on the floor she leaps on me and tries to be a lap puppy and then surreptitiously starts on my hair!

Last night she slept brilliantly. I put her to bed at around 10.30 and didn't go and get her out until 8 am this morning. She was so pleased to see me that I couldn't get over the morning welcome I got, especially because it wasn't even 24 hours since she'd arrived, but has bonded with me brilliantly. She still has to follow me everywhere as she doesn't like to be left, but I'd expect that in a new place.

I'm off to work at Stobo Castle later today and Sue is going to Freda, who is my boarder, for the afternoon. Will be interesting to see how she is when I go and pick her up later.

Oh yes... and Kimi and the landing page? Nope... she hasn't been able to sort it yet, so I'm going to have to have a rethink. You'll be the first to know when I have something that actually works.

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