Sunday, 6 March 2016

Loving it

A coffee plant update!

When I was tidying my house a couple of weeks back as I had a guest to stay, I made the big decision to move the coffee plants into a new spot, out of the upper hallway, so out of sight. They got moved into the room that my erstwhile last husband used for an office/storeroom and has now become my ironing room.

As I've said before, the coffee plants usually take exception to the slightest change in their environment and they show their objection by drooping and then dropping leaves like no tomorrow.

Well... what a surprise... they love their new home! So much so they're absolutely blooming. Especially the smaller ones, which have new growth and lots of shiny green leaves.

Look how luscious and green the smaller ones are

The larger one is also doing well, but I noticed a few white spots on the leaves the other day, so it's been given a dose of medicine and now seems to be in recovery.

The largest one

Of course, as we all know, coffee plants don't do much in the growth department, so it'll be interesting to see if this is just a Spring growth or something more.

Whatever, it's great to see them responding well to a new situation. I never thought that'd happen!

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