Sunday, 13 March 2016

A relief to be home

I'm now home from this week's London jaunt, but it was touch and go as to whether I could get back today as my mother was ill and I had to call in the doctor this morning. She has an infection, but the GP said she'd be fine with the meds he gave her and there didn't seem much point in me staying as, arming her with lots of water and instructions to sleep, I could do no more. Also, I was in desperate need of clean clothes, so home seemed the sensible option. She has people coming in in the morning and I'll be back on Friday, but on call so can go back down if necessary.

Anyway, it's lovely to be home. Not only for the clean clothes option, but also because the heating works at my house, which is more than it does at my mother's! The room I stayed in was absolutely freezing and I even had to get dressed to go to bed.

Apart from my mother being unwell, I had a great time.

On Thursday night I went out with one of my very best friends. We went to a new place at Harvey Nicks, called Kurobuta, which we both thought was utterly amazing. There was one seaweed dish we didn't really like, so they took it off our bill, but we ordered more of another dish we loved, a tuna pizza, which was absolutely delicious.

Friday I had an interview for my book to do, which went very well and then on Friday night I had a lovely meal out at Mon Plaisir in Covent Garden with an extraordinary guy, who'd invited me out on a date. A really, really nice guy. Not sure if we'll go out again, but it was certainly an interesting evening.

Yesterday I went to the V&A to an exhibition on the theatre called 'Curtains Up'. It was fascinating and full of theatre costumes from way back to modern times. There was a guy there in Victorian costume doing a show for the kids, but I stayed to watch as he was brilliant.

Great show at the V&A

Sadly my plans got cancelled for last night, so I took myself out to my current favourite Japanese restaurant, Kiko, where I got picked up by an Italian count (who must've been about 75), who told me his job was to smoke cigars and go for months at a time on his yacht! Entertaining if nothing else!

So home at last and unbelievably I met my friend Patricia, who I facilitate my retreats with, on the train, which made for a very lovely journey home. The sun was just going off the horizon as we got out at Berwick and the view was to die for.

Berwick at its best
A relief to be home.

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