Saturday, 9 May 2015

Not a 'man' any more

In 24 hours Vespa went from this:

What a handsome chap

To this:

Poor me

He went for his op yesterday and kept the vet nurses amused by groaning at them all day. They thought it was hysterical... not sure he thought quite the same, but he was very pleased to be home.

What he wasn't so pleased about was the half portions for his dinner and also having to wear 'the tire' just in case he decided to have an impromptu lick at his wound.

I've also given him arnica. I don't really care that homeopathic medicine has had a bit of a bad press recently, I've always given it to my animals and it seems to help. I was pleased to see that the wound went from red to quite pale in the space of about half an hour after giving him the medication, so that was encouraging.

After a good night's sleep we're having a quiet day today. Staying in, watching movies, having cuddles and maybe a short walk later.

We have to go back to the vet on Monday for a check and then it's lead walks for 10 days, but fingers crossed for a full recovery with no problems.


  1. Poor thing. I am sure he will be all back to normal before you now it. "The tire" is new to me, I am used to seeing a cone thing for dogs.

  2. Hey Dan... I borrowed the tire off another Guide Dog puppy walker as they seem to be a whole lot more comfortable for the dog than the old lampshade/cone things. Vespa slept very well and it didn't bother him having to wear it. The only after-effect (so far) is that Vespa has slept most of the day and apart from that he seems fine.