Friday, 22 May 2015

Back to bad

It's been a busy week in one way and another. Vespa is now fully recovered and, after a week of very good behaviour, totally let himself down today as we went off for a walk in the woods with Lynne and her 15 month old Guide Dog puppy, Tweedy. Tweedy is positively the best behaved pup around, who comes when he's called, walks to heel off the lead and no matter if another dog is around, is always at Lynne's beck and call.

Sadly the same can't be said for Vespa, who paid no attention whatsoever to any commands I issued, broke the tag off his collar and managed to tear a strap off the welly I was wearing. He just wanted to play with Tweedy and that was that. Also, when I was away and he was staying with Freda in Selkirk, he got to play with Fleur, another GD pup, who loves the water. She taught him all kind of tricks, such as finding the muddiest puddle and rushing into it to lie down and enjoy a mud bath. And so Vespa spend an inordinate amount of time today rushing in and out of the mud pools and getting as dirty as he could and encouraging Tweedy to roll him over and over just so he could get fully covered. This combined with a lack of obedience didn't make me a happy bunny.

Yesterday I had to go and get my ears syringed and do a hearing test ready to get a new hearing aid (the joys of getting older). It was absolutely disgusting what came out of my ears and I'm damned sure you're very pleased I didn't take any pics, suffice it to say I'm surprised I could hear at all with that lot down my ears. But what the audiologist discovered is that I have a middle ear infection, so now I'm on antibiotics. Not my favourite thing to be on.

Today, as I was getting ready to go out, I put my hat in a handy place so I could grab it and jam it on my head before setting off to the woods so my ears wouldn't be affected by the wind, but as Lynne arrived in her car Vespa started behaving like a maniac and I forgot it in my efforts to control him. Not a great start and made me an unhappy bunny to start with, let alone by the end of the walk.  I also forgot to take poo bags, but luckily Lynne was armed, which was just as well as my naughty boy decided to have 3 deposits on our walk. Tweedy of course had none.

Vespa's today behaviour was in total contrast to the last few days, where he's been at meetings and even a Guide Dog coffee morning where out of the 3 pups in attendance, and he being the youngest, he was the best behaved. I was beginning to think things were looking up, but no... I was a bit premature on that one.

However, one of the great things about rushing about in the woods with another pup is that Vespa is now exhausted, which is just as well as I can now nurse my sore ears and rest my weary body and try to recover in peace and quiet.

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