Saturday, 23 May 2015


I got an email from my lovely friend, Binod, from Kathmandu yesterday. I've known him since he was 19. He used to work in his uncle's tea shop and is now a tourist guide. He's such a sweet guy and it's lovely to see him all grown up. While we were having tea with him in Kathmandu, I realised I didn't have my phone on me, so he used his phone to take pics. Then, of course, there was the earthquake and so it's taken a while for him to send me them.

Me and the lovely Binod
Mountain Man gets in on the action

I was also reminded that I'd received some pics from Mariko in Hua Hin from the night we went out to dinner, so thought I'd post that too.

Me and Mariko out for dinner. She was the teeniest therapist at Chiva Som. I'm around 5ft 6 and not wearing heels.

And then there's some pics from my last couple of days in Bangkok, one of which shows the most amazing toilet, which was in my bathroom. It had a button you pressed to wash and dry yourself, a bit like an automated bidet. I thought it was fab!

The view from my table at breakfast at The Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok

A view of the pool from my sun lounger

The amazing toilet choices. And yes, I did try oscillating!
Lovely memories.


  1. Glad that Binod is doing OK.I hope all his family are doing good. The earthquakes there made things a mess. One of the families at my church has family there. Their family are OK but have to rely on the aid workers for now.

    1. Sorry to hear about the family you know Dan. Not a great situation. Binod is doing fine, but my partner has a business colleague who for now has to live in the Red Cross refugee camp as his house was completely demolished and we hear from him pretty much daily how awful it is. I think with the rains coming it's going to make things difficult. Especially cos they're still feeling shocks pretty much on a daily basis.