Monday, 11 May 2015

A bit of horrified and a bit of relieved

We were explicitly told after Vespa's op that there was to be no jumping until his 10 days post-op is over. However, no-one told him, or if they did he totally ignored them.

This morning was Vespa's check up at the vet. The last couple of days he's been travelling in the footwell of my car, but today, instead of just gently getting in the car as per usual, he actually jumped onto the front seat. I was horrified and immediately told him off and put him in his place. He has never, ever travelled on the front seat and I don't know what he was thinking.

Apparently he was thinking exactly the same after seeing the vet as he did the same again. I was not amused.

Still, at least his check up showed absolutely no after-op effects and he's healing well, which is a huge relief.

This afternoon I left him at home to go visit with our fellow puppy walkers, Alex and Jackie, who puppy walk Quaver (who's been to stay with us in the past). Jackie has been very poorly and been in hospital for an op, so it was the least I could do to pop round, take some choccies and spend some time.... you'd think....

As I sat down on the sofa I suddenly felt a seeping wet patch through my jeans. For the second time today I was horrified. Had Quaver jumped on the sofa and done a wee? Even worse, had I got some kind of dire affliction and didn't notice that I needed the loo?

Luckily it turned out to be neither of those things... phew!

No, it turned out it was just my water bottle top wasn't on tight enough and had leaked through my bag. And for the second time today I was relieved. Amid much hilarity and a bit of a towel drying I bravely sat on the wet patch and we laughed our way through the afternoon.

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