Thursday, 11 December 2014

On the road to recovery

Luck has been on my side... I had a phone call on Tuesday to say that the physio had had a cancellation and would I like to take up an appointment yesterday afternoon (my previous appointment had been scheduled for January 21st) and I leapt at the opportunity.

Odi and I went off to the Borders General Hospital in the foulest of weathers and she was just brilliant. We arrived in good time for my appointment and spent a happy time changing a young farmer's mind about what he termed 'how sad it must be to be a Guide Dog' (with Odi wagging her tail in appropriate places), and the oohs and aahs from all that passed us until it was time for us to go off with Lorna the Physio.

She was wonderful! It's not ligament damage in my knee, but cartilage. Not that it makes it a whole lot better, but at least I know. The sad bit is that it could take up to a year to mend totally. And as to my back, her comment was 'Youch, that is not good!' The verdict is that it was a nasty fall and I was very lucky not to have more extensive damage and the nerve will take time to heal.

I came away with lots of exercises to do for both knee and back and feeling a whole lot more sore than when I went in, but also a whole lot better psychologically knowing that I most probably will be able to avoid any surgery unless my knee locks again. But I'm not thinking about that now as it has only done it the once.

And now I'm off to London for the annual family/office Xmas party. My brother and his wife have already called off due to flu, so now I only have my mother to deal with on the family side. I am looking forward to spending time with the office staff as they're always up for a laugh.

So that's me for a couple of days. Hopefully not to much snow of the wrong kind will be on the rail tracks between Berwick-upon-Tweed and London and I'll get there and back in one piece.

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