Sunday, 7 December 2014

And it goes on

I can hardly believe it's been a week since the accident, which has seen me brave on (or some might say stupidly brave on) to get to work and try to keep some semblance of normality. It all broke down on Thursday when I woke with a slight migraine and a bad temper.

Thursday started with an early appointment with the massage therapist, who took one look at my back and spent an hour tutting to herself while delicately working to release my tightly held body. What happened from that was I became an immediate emotional wreck with a thumping migraine - though my migraine medication took good care of that, which I'm not sure was the most sensible of actions. I had a lunch appointment that I felt I had to make and then a meeting in the afternoon, but since then I've been in a state of near collapse.

The migraine proliferated over Friday, until in the end with a sore head and sore body I ended up in bed yesterday at lunch time and am only just beginning to surface now. I even missed Strictly, which shows how bad I was!

After all that awfulness I'm now hoping I'm on the mend and can face a week with possible snow, certain freezing temperatures and a trip to London on Thursday for the office Xmas party, which includes staying with my mother - a trial all of it's own - so a body that doesn't hurt and a head that doesn't ache would be of huge benefit.

I can only hope!


  1. I can hear your body from here shouting to be left at home on Thursday! Fingers crossed that the next week goes smoothly, that your body is on the mend, and that the weather - and your mother - are on their best behaviour. x

    1. Thanks MG. I'm sure my mother can hear it from London too, but she'll take about as much notice as she ever does!!