Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Happy Christmas!

After a weekend on fundraising duties, where Odi behaved so perfectly and the compliments we got were so many, it's back to the reality that Christmas is almost upon us.

The tidying hasn't gone so brilliantly as I seem to have moved the piles from one room to another, but in true stork like behaviour, as long as no-one but me goes into my office or the back kitchen, all will be well.

Meanwhile, Mountain Man, who went to Edinburgh yesterday to do some shopping, had the disaster of his car breaking down and not getting anything done but lots of time hanging around waiting for the RAC to come and rescue him on the outskirts of Edinburgh with not so much as a corner shop nearby to be able to get anything. He eventually got home at 8.30 last night.

With only today left before my mother and the boys come and we've still lots of food to still get and last minute things to do, MM's car in the garage and mine off for the day for a service, I think I'm going for the 'fly by the seat of my pants' Christmas this year and just hope it'll all work out ok.

I mean what's not to work? A critical mother, two energetic puppies, two noisy boys (well, ok, men), not enough food, not all the presents bought (that's MM's ones he was going to get yesterday)... yup, I see no stress there!

Still, we have alcohol, we have central heating, we have games... so in actual fact we're pretty sorted and Christmas is really about getting together and having a good time and I'm sure we can manage that pretty damn well.

So people, I don't think I'll be writing again before the day, so all I can do now is wish you all a very happy Christmas and I'll be back to report on mine in a few days.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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