Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Bye bye Odi

Yesterday Mountain Man and I took Odi to Forfar for the next stage of her journey. When we arrived she was excited to get in and say hello to all those doggy chums waiting for her, so much so that with a quick wag of her tail at us, she just trotted off very happily to her new life.

At Forfar

I'm sure she'd have been thrilled yesterday when her tea time was at 4 pm and not the 6pm that she'd been getting at home, but then by this morning, when there was no breakfast as she's being spayed today, I'm not so sure she'd be quite so happy!

Vespa spent the day with Tweedy, a lovely 10 month old lab/retriever cross who lives in Tweedbank and looks very similar to Odi. He was absolutely exhausted by the time he got home and didn't even bother to have a mad half hour, he just flopped for the evening instead.

Tweedy and Vespa

This morning felt very quiet with just one pup to deal with and in some ways it feels like the end of an era. I know Odi's been away before, but with her coming back it seemed to change things for me. I'll hear in a couple of days how the op went and how she's getting on, but essentially that's our path together well and truly over.

Such a gorgeous dog.

Odi at 7.5 weeks

Odi at 15.5 months

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