Friday, 29 August 2014

A day for laughing

Today the rain set in. It's been awful. A real downer. Wall to wall grey with a glimpse of a parting of the clouds for moments to tease me into believing the grey might lift, but no... tease was about it.

However, what has lifted my spirits are my planning for my trip to Spain that's coming up rather soon and also some rather funny letters and emails from East Coast Rail that have totally made me laugh.

I know some of you will have seen the letter I got on Facebook, so if you've already seen it you can look away now. This is what it said:

'Dear Vee Freir.
I am writing to confirm your complaint has been logged and a full response is on its way to you, however there has been a delay with this correspondence and we have enclosed a complimentary ticket.

Due to a stock issue we are unable to enclose this ticket in our response, however I hope to ensure you that a letter and compensation will be with you in due course'.

I collapsed in laughter when I got it, especially as my complaint was because they'd failed to send me the complimentary tickets I was due from a previous compensation. You have to laugh.

(Ok... you can come back now if you'd already seen it.)

Then this afternoon after the previous complimentary tickets did turn up I got this email:  

'Thank you for your phone call on 28 August 2014 regarding the complimentary ticket that you have been expecting.

I am sorry for any inconvenience caused by the delay in sending it to you. I can confirm that it has now been sent by registered post. The tracking reference is ********. I hope that you receive the ticket very soon.

Thank you again for contacting us and I hope that you have an enjoyable journey.'

Jeez... after all that so do I! Still it is a first class ticket and I'm using it for my going and returning from Spain so I shouldn't really complain.

Or maybe I should... you never know I might actually get another!

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