Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The hooligan returns

Odi, who is now 11 months old, has been quite well behaved of late. She did excellently at the local Guide Dog puppy class in Tweedbank a couple of weeks ago and so I thought I'd brave it to the manic class which is held in Aberlady. It's manic because there's about 15 Guide Dog puppies aged between 6 months and 13 months in a village hall and they all tend to want to play instead of work... at least at the beginning of the class.

Sadly, Odi doesn't quite understand the difference between the beginning and the rest of the class and her 'enthusiastic' personality means that she's completely OTT for most of the time. For instance, when it came to recall, Odi came charging up to me, bypassing me completely and rushing off to play with her pals... she was the only one as all the others were perfect. And when we did walking to heel off the lead, I had a bit of treat in my hand and she acted like she'd never been fed... still it was walking (of sorts) to heel!

Her brother Ollie attends and he's lovely and quiet. How come we got the hooligan gene?

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